10 Productive Ways to Use Evernote


Evernote is billed as the app that can help you remember everything — and it can — but it can do much more. Whether you’re just getting started using Evernote or have been looking for more productive ways you can use it, check out these ten easy tips:


 While you’re out and about, use Evernote to capture information you don’t want to forget by taking a picture of it, such as:

    • Your parking space
    • Train map
    • Conference agenda
    • Flyer on a bulletin board


Evernote can help you collect all the stuff in your head, things like:

    • Brain or idea dumps
    • Collaborations with others (share your brain dump and collect thiers)
    • A picture of your hand-drawn mindmap


Structure your notes in ways that make sense to you. Try:

    • Keeping your eye on your most used notebook by putting the “@” sign in front of your Notebook name so that it jumps to the top of your Notebooks list.
    • Tagging notes with relevant topics so they’re easy to find (examples: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.).

Manage Projects

​ Track tasks related to your projects.

    • Create project task lists (insert checkboxes) to keep track of actions you need to take to complete it.
    • Create Stacks and nest specific notebooks under headings, like “Book Laun​ch” or “New Website” (specific notebooks) under “Business Projects” (heading).

Manage Paper

Love taking paper notes?

    • Use the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook for handwritten notes.
    • Snap a picture of your handwritten notes (they’ll be searchable!) and then toss the paper.
    • Use the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine to take your notes and then take a photos of the pages you want to send to Evernote. The pages are designed to be used specifically with Evernote and, of course, your notes will be searchable and shareable.

Drag and Drop

You can quickly and easily drag and drop files into a notebook from your desktop.


Use Evernote to collect things you use often but that sometimes slip your mind.

    • HTML / CSS code
    • E-mail Templates
    • Contact Info
    • Content you want to tweet/post/share


Create notebooks for each client and share it with them as you collaborate.


One of the newest features is the ability to set reminders. When you enable the reminder for a specific note, you’ll get an in-app alert or you can have an e-mail sent to your on the day that the reminder is due.

Keep in Touch

Use Evernote Hello to scan business cards (Premium feature) and return the card to the owner or throw it in your recycle bin.

What are your tips for using Evernote to stay productive?