The 3 Powerful Tools for Solopreneur Accountants


For accountants and solo practitioners, it is absolutely key to leverage technology to help manage and run the practice. If you are in that boat, read on.

Although there are countless options, here are three powerful tools that can help you do your job better when it comes to saving and managing your time.

  1. – One of biggest time sucks around this time of the year is scheduling. Back and forth emails and texts to book appointments with your clients take far too long than they should. Because of scattered schedules and the need to meet with clients in-person, coordinating meeting times needs to be easier. Enter, which sets up your appointments by working with your email recipient. It also adjusts time zones and reschedules meetings when needed. Just because you may not have a “real” assistant to do this work for you, it doesn’t mean you should waste your time coordinating – you’ve got other important things to do right now!
  2. – Behind every great solopreneur is a workflow tool that works with their flow of thinking. For practitioners who are often on-the-go, provides a sleek interface via a mobile app, which can separate information by “project” or client and categorizes documents and conversations. The organization and functionality of the platform make it easy to communicate with clients and keep track of past interactions. The chat functions a lot like text messaging so it is very simple to send short messages rather than exchanging emails.
  3. Neat Premium Software – No matter how you slice it, using cloud services to share folders, keep information updated, and allow access to the people who need it is incredibly necessary. By using a service that allows you to create folders and securely share sensitive materials, you can transmit and store documents between you and your clients to ensure you are both on the same page and looking at correct data.

Whether you need something to keep your scheduling process streamlined or help you map a project to its deadline and a way to organize your files, using any of these – or other similar – platforms will help you save your time and allow you to get back to actually doing the work.