3 Ways Contractors And Building Professionals Can Use Cloud Technology

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The cloud is changing how businesses interact and as the interest in the cloud grows, companies and individuals are adopting this technology to make doing business more efficient – and at this point, there is no business left behind.

Contractors and building professionals are among those using the cloud. According to a Sage Construction and Real Estate survey, the cloud is gaining more influence within this profession with “the percentage of contractors who view cloud computing as important to their business more than doubled to 35 percent from 16 percent.” Contractors can use the cloud by taking advantage of mobility, using the around-the-clock tech support, and creating better collaboration processes for everyone involved in a project.

Here are three ways the cloud can help contractors in business.

1. Mobility. Contractors are never in the same place all the time. With different field offices and being always on-the-go, the cloud can provide the kind of mobility that contractors need. Contractors can use their smartphones or tablets for traveling to clients or other job sites, which lessens the clutter and hassle of toting along numerous documents such as contracts, invoices, business cards, and other records. Using this technology enables the work force to be more connected and allows drawings, building models, and instructions to be delivered. The cloud provides mobile freedom, allowing contractors to communicate important information seamlessly to all aspects of the construction process. As tablets become more mainstream in the profession, a need for mobility becomes a necessity.

2. Constant tech support. In the case that something goes wrong, the cloud makes tech support easy. No matter if it’s 2 a.m. and there is a system crash, SaaS tech support will be there to help you fix the problem and move on to getting the job done. Not only that, but you’ll also have a backup since the information is stored in the cloud. Using the cloud also “makes IT easier to manage and manipulate than conventional, in-house assets.” Tech support is a necessity for any business, and for contractors, it can mean the difference between getting a project done and disappointing a good-paying client.

3. Collaboration. The construction field hinges on collaboration. Past construction collaboration platforms were costly and had limited availability, making it difficult for smaller construction companies to compete. The power of the cloud allows contractors to not only collaborate with their own employees, but their clients and other contractors, when needed. Using the cloud to collaborate gets tasks done and helps meet deadlines, which are the top priorities of any contractor. With cloud, contractors are able to collaborate faster, more efficiently, and with less cost. This creates a faster construction processes and faster decision making, which results in real-time and up-to-date information for everyone.

Cloud computing has many benefits for the contractor and building profession. By having this technology available at their fingertips, contractors can build a better and more efficient business. The cloud can help “enhance competitiveness, team collaboration, agility and productivity.” With endless possibilities, the cloud can help take a business to the next level of growth. The mobile workforce is a future of work reality and part of the construction industry. Using the cloud gives more freedom to this aspect of the industry, makes  and the ability to collaborate among co-workers and other professionals in the field.




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