4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Cloud Technology for Your Small Business


Small businesses in the U.S. are expected to more than double in the next six years, from 37 percent to almost 80 percent, with the use of the cloud and cloud technologies. Although the cloud can sometimes be a mystery and you might have questions before welcoming it into your business with open arms, here are four reasons why you should embrace cloud technology and how it can help your business.

  1. Mobility. The cloud is a centralized location that stores data, accessible anytime, anywhere, and by any device. This allows you to take your business out of the constraints of an office and on the road where you can be mobile and reach clients, employees, and others that may need attention.
  2. Flexibility. As needs change for the business, the cloud can change and grow along with it. It also provides the capability to build and use relevant applications in order to compete with other companies.
  3. Data Backup and Sharing. Storing data in the cloud makes backing up your data easy. Through the wireless data transfer, your information can be automatically updated and stored, and in the case of a system crash, the data can be retrieved from the cloud storage client ensuring you don’t lose all your data. Filing sharing is even simpler. By uploading documents to a cloud storage service, you can host the document and just share a link and employees and co-workers will have access to relevant files.
  4. Competition. Being able to use software at a lower cost allows the “little guys” to keep up with big corporations. Just like how social media gave the smaller business a voice, cloud gives smaller business capabilities that were once considered to be out of reach. With an array of affordable and scalable cloud options, small businesses can “take their operations to the next level.

In a report by Parallels, a software company enabling companies to provide cloud services, the cloud services industry grew to $45 billion worldwide, with 6 million SMBs purchasing their first cloud service last year. The cloud service industry is projected to grow to a $95 billion industry by 2015, growing 28 percent annually.

Overall, cloud technology gives small businesses an edge and the competitive advantage it needs to stay head to head with larger companies. While there is still much to learn about the cloud for small businesses, it is important to understand the benefits of being able to embrace and use this technology to streamline, simplify, and secure your processes, and remain competitive.


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