How to Access QuickBooks From Different Devices


Recent studies has proven that businesses are transforming digitally by implementing digital workspaces allowing them to move their IT infrastructure, business applications and data files to the cloud. A digital workspace is all of the technological means required to deliver to an end user a secure access to data, desktops and applications from different devices. Remote access, desktop and application virtualization and file sharing are what makes the digital workspace.

This is particularly true for accounting professionals who want to take their practice online and be able to work in their financial software with clients in the cloud directly. In this article we will be talking about the two best ways in our option for an accounting practice to easily implement their digital workspace and be able to work with clients in QuickBooks in the cloud and from different devices.

We will be covering how to achieve it with MyQuickCloud by either a on-premise solution or by taking a managed cloud.

We will be excluding VPN access and QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks performances over a VPN are poor due to its use of Windows File Sharing. Moreover, Intuit does not support QuickBooks over a VPN, so it is better to look for other solutions until performances improve. QuickBooks Online is great alternative for sole business owners but isn’t recommended for SME and owners of multiple businesses. QuickBooks Online is limited to 5 users and 2 accountants access and limited to not many of the reports.

MyQuickCloud Solutions

MyQuickCloud is secure remote access that makes desktop applications available anytime, anywhere. MyQuickCloud was created for business users and IT managers who needs an easy way to make desktop applications accessible at anytime and from anywhere. With MyQuickCloud the users have access to a virtual desktop with QuickBooks installed, have remote access to their own computer desktop (My Desktop) or have access to QuickBooks as a virtual application. The different users will be able to access QuickBooks from different devices and have access to the company file simultaneously as other users.

1) On-premise

This solution allows you to deploy a digital workspace yourself easily and enables a business to have their QuickBooks and associated data on their own company on-site PC or server, accessible remotely via the MyQuickCloud application or via a web browser. It is ideally suited for businesses who want to retain their software on-premise, but still have access to them remotely when needed.


  • Multi-user capabilities allow immediate access to a full desktop and specific Quickbook files. Users and clients can work in the same files at the same time with total confidence.
  • Covers all business needs
  • Fast deployment
  • Flexible architecture
  • Provide secure remote access to employees and clients while cutting IT costs from redundant infrastructure.
  • Centralized computing experience that encourages high productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Real-time response from the apps they’re working with
  • High definition user experience on multiple devices
  • Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver QuickBooks or full virtual desktops from an on-premise cloud. Solution that helps you optimise productivity with universal access to virtual apps, desktops and data from any device.

2) Managed Cloud

This solution allows you to deploy a digital workspace by using one of our MyQuickCloud Managed Cloud. This option is hassle free as QuickBooks and associated data are located remotely in a data centre. This avoids the need for a client to have to invest in, or maintain, a server, hardware support, operating system updates or back-up of their data. Everything is taken care of via the Cloud provision.


  • Multi-user capabilities allow immediate access to a full desktop and specific Quickbook files. Users and clients can work in the same files at the same time with total confidence.
  • Organizing and collaborating with clients and their files not only improves your workflow, but builds lasting relationships.
  • Your QuickBooks files are stored in the cloud, not locally, keeping them safe from disaster and available for easy-access.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that your files are automatically backed up every day, and safely stored for 90 days.
  • Don’t worry about maintaining your QuickBooks Desktop — we do the updates, so you can do the books. With no scheduled downtime, and 99.99% uptime, by the way.
  • Windows updates and maintenance fully managed
  • MyQuickCloud dashboard to manage the following feature directly from your computer: users management, sessions termination and server restarts
  • Firewall protection: cloud servers sit behind firewalls and are not accessible directly from the Internet. Instead, access is securely available using the MyQuickCloud app
  • The allows any business to implement a digital workspace easily without having to worry about any IT deployment as it’s handled directly by us the cloud provision.

Want to access QuickBooks and your different application remotely? Try MyQuickCloud for free and get your digital workspace up and running in minutes.

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