3 Ways to Get The Word Out About Your Small Business


Advertising is expensive and doesn’t always fit into your small business budget.  There are lots of customers out there who want answers.  They’re chatting with each other as we speak.  Join the conversation — be the expert.  By becoming the expert you can lead people back to your business website, earn their trust and earn their business. Try these inexpensive or free tactics to get the word out there about your business:

  1. Speak for free.  Lots of community groups hold weekly or monthly meetings and they’re looking for speakers.  Speak to these groups on your chosen topic and you’ll have the chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise first hand, as well as meet potential clients face to face.
  2. Follow up.  After a speaking engagement or any other meeting with new business people, send a thank you note, written or email.  It’s a lost art and it’ll set you apart from your competition.  Even if the person you send the note to isn’t going to become a client NOW, they can pass along your name to anyone who needs it in the future.  The cost of a stamp is a great investment.
  3. Join online forums.  There are an infinite number of forums out there that are discussing your topic right now.  Clients want answers to their questions and they are turning to other consumers for answers.  Become the expert in these forums.  Be careful not to appear as simply pitching your business.  Many forums even prohibit the posting of links and other business promotions.  If you are knowledgeable and friendly, they’ll find their way to you.

Stay tuned for more tips on promoting your small business!