Cloud Technology: Now and For the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cloud Computing Concepts on Blackboard

Cloud technology adoption and use continues to be a topic of conversation for businesses of all sizes. The decision-making process of moving to the cloud or adopting an overarching cloud solution is still laden with information that can be confusing or overwhelming. However, taking a look at the current state of cloud technology and how businesses can keep up with the changing technology provides a unique perspective to drive decision-making.

SaaS Genius recently conducted original research and produced the paper, The State of Cloud Technology 2017 Report: The Future of Cloud & How to Get Ready For It. The report provides intel on current trends and considerations as to how companies are leveraging cloud technologies for business enablement.

Check out the below infographic, which highlights the key findings of the report. Take note of number six, which highlights the biggest benefits companies observe when adopting a cloud solution (hint: cost savings and collaboration).


Infographic: The State of Cloud Technology 2017 Report

The State of Cloud Technology 2017 Report fromSaasGenius