Applied Management Group


    Many consulting firms drop knowledge on you and move on. AMG does more than that, we mentor you. We walk alongside you where and when you need the help the most and we do it with the best talent and experienced individuals available. We also believe everyone can achieve amazing results in their business by progressing one step at a time through seven critical areas. We have created practical training that teaches on these seven areas providing growth utilizing existing resources. The goal of this training is to allow managers and owners greater insight into the financial and overall operations of their business allowing them to achieve unparalleled growth. Most companies recognize that they require tools to manage their company. Unfortunately, too many companies have limited tools at best, or at worst they have the wrong ones. The Apex eSuite is an intuitive and flexible cloud based solution that gets you to your true labor costs and thus the heart of profitability. The Apex eSuite was created by business owners for business owners; eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets. The Apex eSuite consists of the Burdened Labor Costing Tool; providing business owners with their true direct labor costs for proper retail labor pricing.