DAVO Sales Tax

    DAVO Sales Tax, by DAVO Technologies, solves the number one problem small to mid-sized merchants face – having the funds available when it is time to pay. DAVO’s patented process automatically collects the sales tax daily and files and pays in full and on time when due. No need to worry about late or incorrect filing or paying penalties ever again. DAVO is integrated with multiple cloud based Point of Sale (POS) platforms such as Clover, Square, Revel, Poynt and QuickBooks Online. Boarding is a simple two minute process. Once boarded, DAVO queries your POS account once a day to collect the sales and sales tax information needed to impound the correct sales tax amount. DAVO initiates an ACH request to your bank for the funds, setting aside the total sales tax collected daily, holding it safe and secure. Truly automated sales tax has finally arrived. Discover how DAVO can be your sales tax solution. Check sales tax off of your to do list forever.
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