MyQuickCloud is secure remote access that makes desktop applications available anytime, anywhere. MyQuickCloud was created for business users and IT managers who need easy to manage methods for making applications accessible and securing data for mobile users. Rather than focusing on protecting copies of data and software on different devices, MyQuickCloud keeps applications and data contained on the host system. Users seamlessly access software and data resources from anywhere without the need to install apps or copy data. Whether the host computer is on-premises or cloud, MyQuickCloud instantly turns the computer into a cloud host that delivers remote desktops, virtual applications and workspaces accessible by PC, Mac or mobile device. MyQuickCloud’s unique approach creates encrypted connections on-demand, eliminating the need for specialized VPNs or firewall configuration. MyQuickCloud single and multiple host models support distributed operations, enable seamless migrations and power comprehensive disaster recovery. MyQuickCloud is the foundation for delivering secure and streamlined business IT.