Create a Digital Filing System to Improve Workplace Productivity

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One way to create a more efficient and productive workplace is to create a digital filing system.

A digital filing system allows you to organize and store all of your company’s information and paperwork in one central location, in the cloud or on your server. You and your co-workers will easily be able to share and retrieve information. This will reduce redundancy, increase efficiency and improve communication.

The first step in the process is to reduce the volume of paper that you need to process and store.

Do this by:

  1. Elect to receive information electronically to reduce incoming paperwork
  2. Use a scanner to scan items you don’t need to keep as a hard copy – just be sure to set up and back up your electronic files. I suggest a neat scanner, which is easy to use and can be shared by everyone in your office.

Creating a digital filing system is easy. Just name your electronic folders the same as you would a paper filing system. Choose categories that are broad and simple so that everyone in your office can understand them. Once you have a digital filing system in place, follow this daily routine for staying on top of your system:

  1. Open and review your mail and other incoming paperwork.
  2. Toss trash and recycling immediately.
  3. Scan important papers with your neat scanner and organize them into your digital filing system
  4. Take action on “one-minute” items – or items that can be taken care of quickly. It takes less time to do them immediately than to look at them, set them aside and remind yourself to do them later.
  5. Schedule time to complete follow up actions.
  6. A digital filing system is a simple technology improvement that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.


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