3 Reasons Your CRM and Accounting Platforms Need to Communicate

Share data between digital devices or tablets

Have you considered the benefits of software integrations? By merging platforms, your financial data could be next to your customer data. This would give you access to individual profiles that have data points and details that allow you and/or your team to understand your customers through a more detailed lens.

Would this be a game-changer? This could be real life.

By integrating your accounting and CRM platform data – and making those platforms communicate – your company could create a more efficient process. This would allow you to manage your client interactions from the relationship and financial sides without consulting multiple sources.

Even more importantly, these holistic client profiles could positively impact your bottom line.

Consider these three reasons why your accounting and CRM platforms need to communicate.

  1. You can save time. Eliminating the need to flip back and forth between programs is absolutely a time saver. Getting a holistic view of a client from a relationship and financial perspective in one spot allows you to make decisions and manage workflows as needed. This is especially important when you manage work to a budget or need to understand if a client account is past due and therefore work should be halted.
  2. Processes could be as simple as a click . While the idea of platform integration may seem daunting, know that not every integration is technologically frustrating – or even that difficult. Some software integrations are actually as simple as a few clicks. The one or two click process bridges the communication between platforms and merges data to provide updated and current profiles.
  3. The more you know, the more effective you can be. Considering that client service and financial health are two of the most important aspects of running a successful business, the more aware you are of this information, the better you can be at running your business. While a relationship management tool can make a sizable impact on your client service and provide customized experiences, ensuring your financial data is updated and married to your clients will only enhance your capability to know and manage your client relationships.

While a integration between your platforms may not be one that you are not ready to implement right now, consider asking yourself, “How will this help my business?”

If the answer includes benefits that could positively impact your bottom line, consider making this – or other software integrations – a priority instead of just an option.