How to Utilize Remote QuickBooks Access


Managing your small business’s finances is a constant process, that’s why its important for you to be to be able to get Quickbooks access even when you are on the go. Check out this guide to learn how to remotely access Quickbooks Desktop to stay in control of your cash flows 24/7.

When QuickBooks online was released it was envisioned that everyone would transition across to that new platform due to the benefits of such a cloud based online product. Multi-user simultaneous access was easy, you can access it from anywhere on any internet connected device, and you didn’t have to worry about maintenance or backups.

It was soon found that the online product was missing some vital features that many small business owners and accountants needed, and therefore many people continue to stick with the desktop version of QuickBooks. The good news is that there are options for those wanting to use QuickBooks desktop but still maintain the benefits a cloud based online service.


One popular option is to have your QuickBooks hosted by a dedicated hosting company. This means you rent a part of a server, or in some cases a dedicated server, and QuickBooks is installed along with your company files. The servers are then made available remotely for you to access.

Intuit themselves run a hosting partner program, and there are many other hosting providers that can offer a good range of services.

Advantages Disadvantages
* Updates / Backups taken care of by hosting provider * Can be expensive
* Uninterrupted Access * Some providers limit the software / integrations you can use
* No investment needed in hardware / IT support * Your data is held by a 3rd party

Remote Screen Share

Another option is to use a remote screen share application such as GoToMyPC where you have direct access to the computer that runs QuickBooks from anywhere. This adds the benefit of remote Quickbooks access but does not give you simultaneous multi user access, so larger businesses may find this a limiting factor to this method.

Advantages Disadvantages
* Easy setup * QuickBooks computer must always be on
* Easy to use * Not multi-user
* Data stays on your machine * Not private as anyone that can see the screen can see you working

Remote Desktop Technology

Much like the remote screen software, this will give you QuickBooks access from anywhere but within your own secure session so multiple people can work a the same time without affecting each other or tying up the computer.

This can be setup through Windows by an IT professional or by using a dedicated remote desktop system such as Citrix or MyQuickCloud.

Advantages Disadvantages
* Multi-User * QuickBooks computer must always be on
* Not screen sharing so private and secure * Some options can be expensive
* Easy to use * Some options require IT support to setup

Here at MyQuickCloud we are able to offer multiple solutions to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely, from full cloud hosting of your QuickBooks to remote desktop technology that is simple, secure and easy to setup without IT support. To find out which solution best fits your needs and to learn more please visit

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