How to Prepare your Small Business for Cyber Monday


November has officially arrived, which means the department store music is no longer out of place as the holiday’s are officially upon us. Along with the festive season, comes a twenty first century adaption- the cyber holiday. These holidays, like Cyber Monday, allow shoppers to access terrific deals without vying for parking or fighting their way to the registers, making them much more convenient for shoppers, and much more profitable for small businesses. If you can capture consumer’s attention during these holidays, your sales can see signifiant rewards. Here are ten ways to ensure your small business will stand out from the crowd this holiday season.

Boost your voice

Stay in the vanguard. Email your loyal customers to promote cyber deals. This will put you in the forefront of their minds so you aren’t lost in the fray of Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other cyber holidays.

➢ Expert tip: If you include product images in your emails, hyperlink back to the Amazon product page for easy conversions.

Enhance product photos

Give your most popular product pages a face-lift, making sure the photos are crystal clear. If you can’t provide excellent photos for each product, focus on your top sellers.

➢ Expert tip: Be sure your logo is visible on each product page. Read additional tips for DIY product images.

Get social

If you’re not already active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, start posting a few times a week. Remember to use hashtags so buyers can search and highlight the promoted products.

➢ Expert tip: Maximize your outreach by cross-promoting all your sales channels, and learn the basic rules for selling on Instagram.

Offer special cyber holiday deals

Make it extra worth your customers’ while. Consider providing free shipping in addition to other deals.

➢ Expert tip: Offering a 2-for-1 deal on self-fulfilled products can boost your Average Order Value metrics. Find out more about the metrics you should be tracking.

Think big

Make use of batch labels, batch printing, and batch shipping during cyber holidays. Don’t get stuck processing and printing labels one by one on the busiest shopping days of the year. The experts at ShipStation can help.

Stock up

Even if you don’t slash prices or have lightning deals, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other cyber holidays should bring more traffic to your ecommerce store. Make sure your top-selling products are well-stocked.

➢ Expert tip: If this isn’t your first cyber holiday, review historical sales data to help anticipate demand.

Alert your accounting team

Extra sales can complicate tax compliance. Be sure your point-of-sale system is set up with the most up-to-date sales tax rates and product taxability rules. Verify how tax applies to 2-for-1 deals, coupons, and returns, as well as shipping, handling, and gift-wrapping services. Have your accounting team on standby.

➢ Expert tip: Collecting sales tax from online sales can come with its own set of challenges. Check out this blog for all you need to know about changing online sales tax guidelines.

Treat yourself

Squeaky desk chair? Slow laptop? During cyber holidays, remember to keep an eye out for deals your own business could use.

➢ Expert tip: Know which purchases may qualify for a sales tax exemption or self-employed tax deduction.

Use cyber holidays to restock your inventory

Take advantage of unparalleled cyber holiday deals to restock inventory you sell across multiple channels. Lower costs on Cyber Monday translate to larger profit margins for your small business all year round.

➢ Expert tip: Summer heat can cool down retail sales. Consider offering cyber holiday deals on purchased inventory during slow times. Here are other tips to beat the summer slump.

Know where your FBA inventory is stored

If your small businesses is an Amazon seller participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, you should stay on top of when your inventory is moved and where you have a responsibility to collect sales tax.

➢ Expert tip: Find out where your inventory is stored with this FBA inventory report tool.

With forethought and preparation, your small business can take full advantage of cyber holidays to increase sales and your bottom line.

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