The Importance Of Organizing End of Life Documents


It is a topic we don’t like to talk about, but the conversation is so important. What are your wishes should you no longer able to make decisions for yourself? What types of heroic measures do you want to be taken to sustain your life? Who can make decisions for you? Who can handle your financial responsibilities? What happens to your things, physical as well as money? How about your property? Do you have a Last Will & Testament? A Durable Power of Attorney? A Medical Power of Attorney? How about an Advanced Medical Directive or a trust?

If you said no to any of these, I strongly suggestion getting one now. It is the best gift you can give your loved ones. If you said yes, congratulations you are ahead of the game. Now, the big question is… do you know where the documents are stored and most importantly, do the people who would need the documents know where to find them?

This set of documents can prevent a delay in getting you life saving care. They can take away your loved ones pain during a very painful time. They can help your loved ones make sure you get treatment based on your choices and they can help avoid family feuds based on your care and your estate.  An easy way to store your documents is to scan them and store them securely online.  Storing them securely (password protected) online is very helpful and makes them easily accessible but your next of kin may also need the originals to read your will or settle your estate.

Here is a downloadable form that includes the most common articles and indicates where they are located. Feel free to enter your information, save it and share with your loved ones so your wishes are always conveyed.  Don’t forget, if you are storing scanned documents securely online to include the passwords for the secure sites.  Think of the time and money spent creating these documents and recording their locations as a gift to your future self and your loved ones. You owe it to yourself.


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