How to Make Your Small Business’s E-Blast Stand Out From the Crowd


We are all bombarded with a daily flood of emails. This makes it easier than ever before for special offers, promotions, and other marketing e-blasts to quickly find their way to the trash folder without a second look. So how can you help your small business’s e-blast stand out from the crowd? One way to do this is to put a face to your business by sending important e-blasts through your personal work account. Lets explore the benefits of your email send-from address being an individual human being.

People appreciate a personal touch

When scanning through their inboxes, people make very quick, almost unconscious, decisions whether to open them or not. In the “from” field, your company name may get lost in a sea of other emails, or they may not recognize your company. These days, people prefer person-to-person communication instead of business-to-business. An email from a person may see better results.

People like human faces

We humans like to see other humans. It’s just ingrained in our DNA. Use your next e-blast as a way to put a real face with your company name instead of just a logo. Use a high-quality headshot of yourself or your spokesperson as the image to go along with your email. Be sure to include your company logo inside the email itself.

People like real names

If an email recipient sees an e-blast that is from instead of or, it seems a lot less corporate. Your customers feel more comfortable corresponding with an individual instead of a company. Make sure this is also the reply-to address. Also, your emails should not have “no-reply” as your reply-to address. This puts up an unfriendly and unnecessary barrier between you and your customers.

People like authentic conversations

When an email is from a person rather than a corporation, you can have real conversations with your clients and customers. For example, you can say things like “Last time we talked…”.  These statements would sound creepy coming from a company, but they sound natural as a conversation between two real people. The more authentic and natural your wording is, the more receptive people are.

People like to feel important

If the president of a company is personally addressing someone, it makes them feel special. Someone important took the time out of their busy day to reach out to them. Even if it’s not the president or CEO, having a designated spokesperson for the company puts a personal touch on every email you send.

People like consistency

Whoever you choose your emails to be from, stick with that choice. It doesn’t help anything to have emails delivered from different members of your team every week. This only serve to confuse your customer. Thus, there should be only one face associated with your email campaigns. When you are consistent, people have no trouble recognizing who the email is from, which in turn, improves your open rate.

Email marketing and email newsletters don’t have to come from some generic entity, they can come from a real person in your company. In today’s online world, it’s harder than ever to get the attention of your customers and clients, even when they’ve chosen to opt-in to your email lists. Thus, it is important to evaluate how adding a personal touch to your e-blasts can increase consumer engagement, strengthen customer relationships, and build brand loyalty.

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