Fighting the Fall Back Fallout: Time Management Tips for the End of Daylight Savings


November 4thsave the date. No, not because it’s Matthew McConaughey’s birthday… this year, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends on Sunday, November 4th at precisely 2:00am. This ritual setting-back of our clocks can be like its own holiday for sleep-lovers and fall enthusiasts alike. However, it’s easy to let this time change change the productivity and lifestyle at your small business. To help you navigate the upcoming time change, ClockShark has assembled the top 4 time management tips you can use to prepare for the end of DST at your small business. After all, as a time tracking software company, they should be masters of time management tips, right?

Extra, extraplan for productivity

During the winter, work days will be colder, shorter, and darker, which can reduce our motivation. You know yourself and your employees best, so be sure to adjust your daily schedule and routine so that you can accomplish your most important tasks when you have your most energy.

To accommodate the weather and daylight changes, small businesses will even change their hours of operation. Does it make sense for your business to open and close an hour earlier because of the cold and dark? It’s okay to say yeswinter hours boost employee morale and productivity.

Tick, tockremember to change all clocks

Most of us have electronic devices that automatically update themselves, but for any standard office clocks- remember to update them accordingly. This will ensure you don’t miss a important meeting or scheduled phone call that following day. Can’t remember which way to go? Repeat this in your head: “Spring forward, Fall back” and you’ll never forget again. Additionally, if your small business performs service calls or frequent external meetings, synced clocks ensure your employees don’t show up an hour late.

Change is comingprepare mentally

When we mentally prepare ourselves for change, it can become much easier to adjust accordingly. Therefore, since you know that DST ends at 2:00am Sunday morning, November 4th, number three of our time management tips is to begin to mentally prepare your employees. Reminding them of the upcoming time change by a company wide email or print and post a creative reminder on the Exit door (or another visible spot) at your business to alert employees that the times, they are a’changing.

We also have to be aware that our body’s internal clock will be affected by the time change. Preparing will minimize the negative effects of this time change and promote productivity at home and work, during the dark winter months.

You snooze, you loseavoid sleeping in

Everyone sees that extra hour as the world giving them time to finally catch up on some lost ZZZ’s. But here’s a tipdon’t do it! It’s tempting, but sleeping in will only make the time change that much more difficult to handle.

Instead, encourage employees to wake up at the normal time they usually would and use that extra hour for something productive, like squeezing in early morning exercise or meal-prepping. Reframe the time change as an opportunity to stay busy, instead of an excuse to Netflix and chill.

Use these time management tips to preserve workplace efficiency at your small business, and minimize the impact November’s time change will have on your routine. Oras birthday boy Matthew McConaughey would say―to make sure this November 4th goes “all right, all right, all right.”

Author: Sierra Duarte

Contributor: For construction and field service companies who want to get rid of paper time sheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking app that’s both powerful and easy to use.

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