Securing the Cloud: How Safe is Your Data?

Cloud computing concept


Cloud-based technology will inevitably have impact on every aspect of our digital lives. Some argue it’s the most disruptive technology to date. We can now consume and share content easier than ever through cloud storage services. We can manage all of our business assets from anywhere in the world through powerful – yet simple – applications powered by cloud servers, increasing our productivity.

From a market standpoint, the cloud tech market has experienced massive growth. In fact, it has grown by nearly $50 billion since 2008. However, since the inception of cloud technology, security has been the biggest concern. Has cloud security really evolved in recent years? Is your data safe in the cloud? Can you rely on cloud-based services to manage and use your data in safe and secure ways?

Let’s take a deeper look into how cloud-based security works.

Three Major Components of a Cloud Security Strategy

When it comes to cloud security, there are generally three major components informing any cloud service’s security strategy:

1. Governance & Compliance: The foundation of any cloud security initiative starts with governance and compliance. This is where your service provider works to ensure that all aspects of their service has been risk-assessed and in compliance with all federal regulations related to your data.

2. Encryption & Application Security: This is where cloud developers work to ensure that all cloud-based apps are ready and appropriate for usage in the cloud. This also includes identifying proper encryption usage within a cloud service to ensure that all transferred data is safe from data loss and compromise. This often means that your data is backed up securely to backup cloud servers so your data can be retrieved quickly and easily in the event of a server outage.

3. Access Management: Access Management often includes ensuring that all user login information is legitimate and encrypted well within a cloud service.

The Evolution of Cloud Security

In recent years, and even months, cloud technology developers have been hard at work contributing to the safety of the cloud. This has included revamping data encryption capabilities of cloud services to help ensure that your data is safe and secure. The result? Business owners are experiencing higher levels of data security.

According to a recent study by Microsoft, out of the 500 businesses surveyed, 91 percent of small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) have reported that the security of their organization has improved through cloud adoption. More specifically, these same businesses experienced security boosts by having their systems, anti-virus and security programs and email spam management programs easily updated through their cloud service of choice.

Conclusion: Cloud Security is More Important Than Ever

There’s no disputing that cloud-based security is more important than ever. As a growing number of organizations migrate their data to the cloud, it’s becoming increasingly essential that mission-critical data is kept safe and secure. This includes everything from secure data backups to sophisticated encryption to ensure data is safe from data loss and theft.

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