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Small business owners are often early adopters of new technology tools as they seek to simplify their businesses. Small businesses want smarter solutions that are efficient and cost effective, and technology can be the needed catalyst to generate small business growth.

And who doesn’t want their small business to grow? Check out these few small technology improvements that can yield major results.

Cloud-based solutions

Did you know that 92 percent of all small businesses have adopted one cloud-based solution? Cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive, offer small businesses the option for co-worker collaboration regardless of location. Important contracts, spreadsheets, and confidentiality agreements are all kept securely where all employees can access.

Social media, marketing, and technology have come together creating a significant impact for small businesses. In fact, 67 percent of marketers attribute increasing sales directly to digital marketing campaigns. Automation services like Hootsuite and Buffer make scheduling social media posts easy. These services work across various platforms and devices and their corresponding mobile apps available on tablets and smartphones make using these tools easier than ever.

Meeting technology

Small business meetings can be simplified with technology tools and online meetings. GoToMeeting and JoinMe offer screen sharing and online options to gather. Small business colleagues working from home or working and a vendor can meet to share documents and collaborate. Connecting with your team virtually keeps projects on track.

Paperless tools

Paperless is the way to go for small businesses. Paperless not only eliminates the drudgery of filing, it offers reliable access to all needed information.  Documents can be scanned to the cloud and shared internally and quickly. Scanners such as NeatConnect help small businesses keep all the documents accessible this way. Once received as a paper document, signed papers can be shared with domestic and international vendors, attorneys, partners and contractors. Contacts can be scanned from business cards to update Outlook. Receipts can be consolidated and expense accounts can be created using the Neat software system. Neat’s mobile apps let you view, share, and edit your scanned documents on the go, or even add new scans by snapping photos. It’s the first steps to going paperless.

With even just one technology improvement your small business will be headed to improved marketing and communications, and most importantly greater profitability.


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