Stay Secure on Cyber Monday


Thinking of shopping today? Maybe you want to spend some of your business revenue on investments for the upcoming year (you know, grab those end-of-year supplies)? Or, maybe you’re just looking to do some personal shopping and cross a few items off your holiday shopping list?

Whatever your Cyber Monday goal may be, make sure you are practicing safety while online shopping. Here are three tips that might help you out. 

1. Don’t use a debit card. No matter where you shop, there are much better options that using your debit card. Instead, consider using a credit card (but be sure to pay it off), a gift card, or PayPal. The idea is that you have more protection through these other payment options. If someone does hack into a retailer’s site, steal your information, and you become a victim of identity theft, they won’t have direct access to your money, only to your line of credit. So, put down the debit card and use another way of paying so you have more protection.

2. Don’t save your data in your browser. I know, it’s incredibly easy to save your credit card information in your browser and not have to re-enter it every time you want to make a purchase. But, doing so can absolutely expose your personal data to hackers who want to steal your information. Also, in a more severe situation where you may leave your computer somewhere or give access to someone who can take your information, you’re basically leaving it all out there for someone to grab. Don’t offer your personal information – it’s easy enough for people to grab it without you handing it over.

3. Use a secure wifi connection. It can be incredibly tempting to log onto that free wifi connection, but keep in mind, nothing is free. When you use complimentary wifi, you’re exchanging your privacy and security for the service. Instead, only shop using a secure connection that you can find at work, at home, or through a hotspot. Rule of thumb: If you don’t have to enter a password to gain access, don’t enter your credit card information.

Enjoy online shopping, but be as safe as possible!