The Top 5 Organization Apps for Small Business Owners

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Keeping up with all of the “latest! greatest! must-have!” organization and productivity apps can be a full time job in itself. So, let’s cut right to small business owners’ top choices.

SurePayroll recently surveyed small business owners to find out which apps they couldn’t live without. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5:

1. Google Drive
Google’s cloud storage service takes the top spot with small business owners. With Goole Drive, you can start off with 15 GB of free space to save, share and edit documents, images, videos, and audio.

2. Evernote
It’s easy to see why Evernote is a favorite among small business owners. The app allows you to post and track every idea, project, and to-do seamlessly across all your devices.

3. Asana
Asana provides conversation and collaboration wherever your team is located. Providing “teamwork without email, ” Asana lets your team create and assign task and make comments that stay with each task, so you can easily see all task-related conversations and status updates.

4. Tripit
This travel app lets you keep all travel information in one spot. Tripit lets you create a master itinerary, and all reservation information, flight details, directions and travel notes are available in one place from your laptop or smartphone.

5. Trello
Described as a “whiteboard with superpowers,” Trello is a simple, flexible and visual platform that lets you organize and track all of your projects, events and to-dos.

Check out which ones work best for you and tell us what you think.


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