Thanksgiving: Your Time to Boost Employee Appreciation and Partner Relationships


It’s almost the end of another year, a year likely filled with both victories and struggles for your small business. Despite all the things that have gone wrong—I’m sure there are many things that have gone right! Some things have gone right because of your hard work, some because of a little luck, but surely, we would not have reached all of this year’s successes without some extra help. That’s what makes this time of year the best time to show some much-earned employee appreciation and take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has helped your small business grow.

When will a day go perfectly? Unfortunately, that’s fairly unlikely – at least when you’re running a small business. Every day seems to present a new problem or hiccup. Except these hiccups aren’t easily solved with peanut butter, or by holding your breath. Equipment breaks down, a supplier didn’t deliver, a key employee didn’t show up, or an upset client that’s upset. Despite all these challenges, you’ve made it, and your ability to run your small business has only benefited. While it is a perfect time to pat yourself on the back for another year of success, it is also an opportunity to give your employee appreciation strategies a boost and strengthen your stakeholder relationships by showing thanks. Check out our quick list of our top 6 contributors to your small business who deserve an extra “thanks” this season.

Who We Should Thank This Thanksgiving

Our loyal hardworking employees

All of our employees have worked hard (hopefully), some unseen in the background and some in the trenches fighting the project battles with us side by side. We depend on good employees, but unfortunately, in the day-to-day hassles, it’s easy to forget how hard some work, and how valuable they are. Take some time this Thanksgiving to say thank you for a job well done. Wish them a happy Thanksgiving with their families and show employee appreciation whether it be through a thoughtful card, a team dinner, or a larger corporate event.

Our supportive suppliers

Much of what we accomplish couldn’t be done without them bringing our ideas into a reality. I’m sure that there have been some that may have let you down. But, there are many who have worked hard to make your project a success, even some that have gone beyond the call of duty. To say thank you for a job well done, and strengthen your relationship with these suppliers, consider sending a personal card to say thank you and show how you value their hard work throughout the year. Small personal notes can go a long way to help solidify long term partnerships.

Our loyal customers and clients

Sure…there are some clients that we felt have been a pain in the backside, but at the end of the day, they have contributed to the success of your business. So, let’s say thank you to our customers and express our gratitude for their past (and future) business through simple signage at your retail location, or even a special thanksgiving promotion.

Our family

Our family that has supported us and probably spent many long hours waiting for us to come home. Where would we be without our family? Let’s take some special time this Thanksgiving to be with them, time uninterrupted by work. Remember to say “thank you” to everyone who has supported you and your business.

All the things that actually did go right.

We survived the year. We finished projects successfully. We have great business associates and colleagues. We have wonderful support systems and families. Let’s be thankful for the things that did go right.

The coming year probably won’t be any easier than this year, so you will depend on the same good team to get you through. Let’s not bemoan what went wrong. Let’s concentrate on what went right and how we can make things better in the coming year. How we can we can show employee appreciation and continue to build a loyal and hardworking team, foster supportive supplier relationships, and of course gain more loyal clients and customers. Let’s make this Thanksgiving a time to thank those that have been good to us, and take time to reflect on the things, and people, we should be thankful for.

Let’s carry the positives forward to the New Year.

Author: Sierra Duarte and Morgan Cassady

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